To successfully reclaim your VAT in Germany, Europe, and a lot of other countries we must make the appropriate motion.

The tax authorities involved only accept original documents.

The schedule of your VAT refund (reclaim) procedure will be as follows:

  1. Please call us or send copies of your invoices and import documents to our email address (as PDF).
  2. With pleasure we submit you an offer and prepare the application for refund of VAT.
  3. We send you the application and an authorization. Please send us the signed application, authorization, the original invoices and a Taxpayer's Certificate on time.

Of course you will receive the invoices back after termination of the VAT refund procedure. If possible, please send original documents by courier or registered mail only.

The VAT refund period must comprise at least 3 consecutive calendar months in one calendar year (exceptions are only made at the end of the calendar year) and must not exceed one calendar year (in some countries the VAT refund period is the calendar year, e.g. Switzerland). To optimise your cash flow you should apply for VAT refund on a quarterly basis.

The application for refund of VAT contained in invoices issued for one calendar year must be filed with the competent authority by June 30 of the following year at the latest. The earlier you provide us with the necessary documents, the earlier you will receive your VAT refund. The application form must be filled in completely in the respective language, either printed or written in block letters.

Why do we need a Taxpayer's Certificate?

The application must include an original certificate issued by the country in which the enterprise has its legal seat. The certificate must be issued in the official language of an EU member state for VAT refund in Europe. The certificate is valid one year from the date of issue. It is used to prove the entrepreneurial VAT status of the applicant. Its content must comply with the following sample: Sample

How long does the VAT refund procedure take?

The VAT refund procedure usually takes up to 6 months. Should the tax authorities have any queries, the process is delayed correspondingly.